What People Say About Us

“If you were to say that every agency has a heartbeat, then Shortstack is our heartbeat. It has given WOO life, inspired the birth of other programs, led the way to the success of many young ladies, and taught me to believe that the vision I had for WOO could actually be obtained. To be a part of Shortstack and to see its growth and impact, truly makes it a “model” program, pun intended! It is by far the most innovative and impacting program I have had the pleasure of being a part of. I see Shortstack in every fashion capital in the world and many other places, inspiring hope and making dreams come true.”
~ Hal Eisenberg, Executive Director of WOO

“I have overcome a lot of insecurities through my life and though I’m still working on them, Shortstack has been there through the really bad and the amazing little steps that it took to become who I am today. I am forever grateful and so in love with everyone that surrounds this team because, together we have all overcome a lot.”
~Program Director Frannelys Frias

“Before Shortstack, I was too afraid to try anything new. This experience made me the confident person I am today, and I am eternally grateful for it. I cherish every moment that spiritually and mentally helped me grow up into a young adult. I can finally say I am proud of myself, as well as the girls I now call my sisters.”
~ Denise Camacho, volunteer and past Shortstack model

“Before Shortstack, my mirror never smiled back. Now I walk with my head high and a better understanding of who I am mentally and physically. I can say that I am proud of who I’ve become and where I’m going and know that I have a set of sisters who will always be there for me. No matter what.”
~ Olympia Zipitas, Shortstack Model

“I grew up in a world where I allowed myself to be largely influenced by society, both physically and mentally. We live in a “beauty” culture that can have a huge burden on a person’s self-esteem. I allowed myself to think “what the media says must be true” and assumed I was worthless unless I was skinny and perfect. I allowed the modeling industry’s standards to shatter my dreams, and I was unhappy with myself for years; that is until I found Shortstack. Shortstack showed me that being who you are is what makes someone beautiful, not artificial attributes and airbrushing. Thanks to the support and education of Shortstack and my sisterhood in the agency, I finally can be proud of who I am and no one can change that.”
~ Danielle Schull, Shortstack Model

“I believe and know that Shortstack is an amazing program/charity. One day, it will be world-wide and I can’t wait to tell people that I have helped and still am helping Shortstack. It saves my life more and more everday by meeting new girls, who aren’t just models for Shortstack, but my sisters.”
~ Nina Theophanous, Shortstack Volunteer

“I have been a part of Shortstack for 3 years and counting. I started out as a volunteer but once I experienced the fashion show and saw the good causes Shortstack stands for, I immediately wanted to get more involved. I became a model the following year and now Shortstack has become an important part of my life. I have met amazing people and learned so much through this program. You can see that everyone truly cares about each other and tries to help one another through any situation. Shortstack has become a huge chapter in my life, and I couldn’t imagine my life without it.”
~ Michelle Jia, Shortstack Model

“I have been in Shortstack one full year and this is my second year in returning. I came back because not only was I invited back into the program but I realized that this is something I needed in my life to help me grow as a person as well as connect with others. As I reflect back on my previous year I can say that I didn’t expect the experience to be life changing, but it was. In this I’ve realized whether you have the greatest self-esteem or the worst everyone can use a boost of encouragement and whether you have the greatest walk or worst walk you will learn the cat walk with confidence while having fun at our annual fashion show. It is because of Shortstack that along with two other models in the program I had the opportunity to walk in New York Fashion Week. Walking in New York Fashion Week was truly an amazing experience and I would say for anyone who is considering breaking into the fashion industry Shortstack is a great opportunity.”
~ Rukeyah Jones, Shortstack Model

“Olivia… I want to tell you thank you for everything you have done. You are truly amazing and have impacted my senior year greatly. I speak very highly of Shortstack wherever I go and pitch as you taught us to do. You are doing amazing things and were a role model for me….”
~ Ashley Garcia, Shortstack Model

“Shortstack is an awesome program that gives me and other girls the chance to learn more about themsleves as well as live through a profound experience. I’m excited for each years Annual Fashion Show, as each year it is becoming bigger and more widespread. Each year is a new experience for me because every girl adds to the craziness and beauty of Shortstack.”
~ Sophia Liu, Volunteer and Shortstack model

“I first joined Shorstack because of everything they stood for and were trying to do. I have the utmost respect for [the Directors] for everything they have done in general and everything they have done for me… The [models] are very sweet and I enjoy the time I spend with them at photo shoots and practices. About a year ago I lost my best friend, and it was about the time I joined Shortstack. Shortstack helped me in a way I can’t put into words and for that I am more than thankful.”
~ Julia Volpe, Shortstack model

“There’s been tons of memories, but my favorite part of Shortstack is that I don’t have to hesitate to be myself. All the girls are amazing in their own little ways! And I can’t forget that Shortstack has given me a reason to dress up and wear heels!!”
~ Katherine Zuleta, Shortstack model

“I truly love Shortstack. It’s become a part of my life. Every week I look forward to… rehearsals [because they] are so fun. I always get excited to be around my fellow “Shortstackers” because I can cut loose and be myself around them. Shortstack completes my week.”
~ Emily Gural, Shortstack model