Shortstack  is an 8-month long self-esteem and modeling program for girls who do not meet the traditional standards of the fashion industry. Through innovative and interactive workshops, we teach them how to love themselves for who they are. 

Girls accepted into the program will be taught lifelong lessons on self‐esteem, confidence, healthy habits and body image, along with tips and advice on how to pose for cameras, walk a runway, participate in professional photo shoots, take part in interviews, and much more.

We are dedicated to grooming our ladies with a series of lifelong skillsets. And we offer each of them an opportunity to grow and mature into worthy members of society, whether they choose to have a career in the fashion industry or use this program as a stepping stool to follow their dreams.

We like to think of our annual Modeling show and photoshoot as a graduation to this program, though sometimes, girls may come back for more training.